Danny Bonnar - cinematographer and director of photography


My name is Danny Bonnar and I am a Scottish based DOP/Camera Operator/Cinematographer working in Scotland and Internationally.

I specialize in Fashion, Documentary, Commercial, and Promotional shooting and have worked with some amazing companies and brands to create dynamic, compelling and beautiful visuals.

I own and operate a Sony FS7 set up, and love adding camera movement to my projects with my Glidecam DGS Rig. My style tends to lean towards using natural light and available sources to create my images however I am experienced in lighting to give a scene the right look and feel.

Contact Details

I enjoy working with Directors and larger crews but am also at home acting as a Shooter/Director in a smaller creative team to shoot a project in the right light.

Bottom line is I love creating stunning visuals and working with good people!

t: +44 (0) 7738 436 827
e: [email protected]