Eriskay Football Club

This project was shot for Studio Something for their TV program ‘A View From the Terrace’ for BBC Scotland. I was brought in to shoot lots of short form documentaries and other VTs to be used in the show.


BBC Scotland


March 2019

This piece was shot on the Island of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, showcasing Eriskay FC, a small football club based on the island. We travelled up for 1 shoot day to capture the club and what it means to its players and the community on the island.

The challenges of this shoot were mainly the conditions of the island. Very high winds and changeable lighting conditions, meant that we always had to shoot reactively and get the best shots we could to tell the story of the club.

Amazing shoot to be involved in and the film really shows the remote nature of the club and how important it is to the people. Really love this kind of documentary work as you get to hear interesting stories and are given the opportunity to shoot in some stunning locations.