Sinclair Duncan Portrait

Working with Heriot Watt University, we have begun shooting a series of industry portrait films, catching up with some of their former students, showing where they are now and what they are doing with their careers.

For this film we shot for one day with Sinclair Paterson about his cashmere business. We spent the morning in his office and then visited the textile mills he uses to make his products. Working as a one man shooter/director on projects like this allows me to move quickly and shoot in a more documentary style to capture the best content we can in the time we have with the contributor.


Heriot-Watt University


August 2018

The locations were really amazing to shoot in, the mills have such a great aesthetic and I decided to run a Black Satin filter on camera to soften up the image and get some interesting looks using the available lighting in the spaces.

More projects on the horizon for Heriot Watt with these films, the next shoots happening in San Francisco and New York.