An Unexpected Journey

This film was shot for Jura Whisky with GreenRoom Films. Jura were putting on a whisky experience in London and needed a slightly different film to open the exhibit. Directed by Lucy Ball, the shoot was very fluid and we were given a huge amount of creative freedom with the brief.


Jura Whisky


August 2018

We spent 2 days on Jura shooting lots of interesting details of the island, not necessarily just whisky shots, that could be brought together in the edit with the voice over to create something more mysterious and intriguing. The film needed camera movement to add the feeling of the journey to Jura, so we used the glidecam and an overall handheld look to bring that movement to the images.

With having such creative freedom, we were able to travel around the island and get experimental with some of the shots, and the edit really works and the guys at GreenRoom did a great job with it.